Alachua County Florida Community Statistics - 2011

We at the Alachua County Humane Society are proud to be the lead agency for the Maddie's Pet Rescue Coalition of Alachua County. Your donations (click here to donate) will help us continue to be the rescue group pulling the most animals from Alachua County Animal Services. This coalition along with other rescues, Operation CatNip, Operation PetSnip, Operation PitNip, our Gallenkamp Spay/Neuter Vouchers, the Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida and a fantastic veterinary community has worked to reduce euthanasia in Alachua County from 8,062 in 2000 to 2,224 in 2011.


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We still have more work to do and many of the animals that are not yet being saved are in need of more veterinary attention than many of us can afford. Please spread the word and please consider donating so that we can end euthanasia.